Posted by North Simcoe Soccer Club on May 09 2022 at 02:33AM PDT

Picture night is coming.
Next week, Paul Howard will be taking individual and team pictures on Monday May 16 and Tuesday May 17.
If the weather is poor, pictures will be moved to the end of May.


2022-05-09T03:34:53.000-07:00May 09 2022, at 03:34 AM PDT, Trevor Gilbert said:

What time? Before or after the scheduled game? I hope it doesn’t interfere with the game that night; we’ve already missed one the first week because of the chaotic meet and greet.

2022-05-10T17:05:32.000-07:00May 10 2022, at 05:05 PM PDT, Rachel Neuman said:

I see it was asked before however is this before or after their games ? we asked this week and coaches did not know